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Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to update our frequently asked question. Don’t be lazy. Read along.

How often do I get billed? How does billing work?

Our services are on a monthly subscription or annual subscription. There are a few services we provide that are billed as a one time charge.

Do you offer phone support?

Do you offer phone support? We do not offer phone support. This does not mean we do not jump on a call when its needed. This industry mostly managed via chat, ticket support, and online communication. This allows our team members to be efficient and focus on the task vs having to spend our on the phone for simple problems.

Do you offer multi-service discounts?

Yes, any service discounts will be discussed prior to your billing.

How many times and how quick can changes be made to my accounts once requested?

If you are a member of our monthly website or marketing campaigns we offer 24/7 online ticket support. As long as you follow the correct process and communication is clear on he changes we strive to make changes within 24-48 hours of the request. Common request are usually done the same day.

What services do you provide?

We provide the following services: Website hosting on a shared server or AWS (Amazon Web Servers). We also provide Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Adwords marketing.

If you need graphics design, green screen professional commercial, or video editing. We also provide those services as well.

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